Thursday, September 29, 2011

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Funny Dad Cartoon


Caption: "Thanks for almost everything, Dad."

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Monday, August 15, 2011

airstream trailers on vintage seekers

I want one!

via Design*Sponge by Grace Bonney on 8/12/11

Even though I appreciate that it’s far more efficient for us to fly everywhere for the D*S Book Tour (full dates and details coming next week), part of me wishes we could drive in a tour bus. Or, even better, an airstream trailer. I know Amy and I would probably want to punch each other by the time we hit the Midwest, but it seems like such a fun way to see the country.

Vintage Seekers recently added a stunning series of original restored Airstream trailers to their collection and this one with the leather seating and walnut detailing is calling my name. In addition to this beauty, Vintage Seekers also has an adorable (and rare) 1963 Bambi trailer, of which there are less than 10 in the world (apparently Johnny Depp and MoMA own the others). I’d personally be happy to catch a ride across country in either of these. Sure, it would take a lot longer than a plane, but it sure beats white-knuckling it through turbulence on 40+ flights. Click here to see the full range over at VS. xo, grace

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Warren Buffet's Stance on Taxing Millionaires - Funny eCard

I agree 100% :-)

via HappyPlace by Someecards on 8/15/11

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Friday, June 17, 2011

Maine's Grand Lake Stream Salmon Pictures

Some pics from our trip to Maine's famous Grand Lake Stream last
spring. Skinny but really fun salmon. They say the fish are slim due
to the previous Fall's spawn. A great stretch of river to fish and one
of the best places to catch early season salmon in the state of Maine.
The only major drawback is that there are usually a LOT of fisherman
on the stream this time of year, so it can be elbow to elbow at times,
but well worth it.

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Friday, February 11, 2011

Terence McKenna - Unfolding the Stone

via Uploads by theduderinok2 by theduderinok2 on 2/6/11

Terence McKenna - Unfolding the Stone
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Time: 01:40:31 More in Education

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Thursday, February 10, 2011


Cartoon UNIVERSITY OF TAKOYAKI Octopus Logo CLipart

via by StymShinji on 2/11/11

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Michigan J. Frog

Michigan J. Frog, again voiced by McCarthy, was the official mascot of The WB Television Network from its inception in 1995 until 2005. The network's first night of programming on January 11, 1995 began with Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck wondering over who (which one of them) would pull the switch to launch The WB.The camera then panned over to Chuck Jones drawing Michigan on an easel. When Jones finished, Michigan leapt from the drawing to formally launch the WB.

Michigan also would usually appear before the opening of shows, informing the viewer of the TV rating. For example, before Buffy The Vampire Slayer or Angel, the frog would sing a short monologue suggesting that kids should go to bed, meaning that the show coming on would be for mature audiences only.

On July 22, 2005, Michigan's "death" was announced by WB Network Chairman Garth Ancier at a fall season preview with the terse statement "The frog is dead and buried." The head of programming for the WB Network, David Janollari, stated that "[Michigan] was a symbol that perpetuated the young teen feel of the network. That's not the image we [now] want to put out to our audience."

Various humorous obituaries for the mascot were published with details on Michigan's life and death. His dates were given as December 31, 1955 - July 22, 2005. Despite the announcement by Ancier, Michigan still appeared in some WB affiliate logos and in TV spots, such as KWBF in Little Rock, Arkansas (whose early slogan was "The Frog"; the "F" in KWBF is supposedly for "frog"), during 2006, andWBRL in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Also, WMJF, a small student-run television station at Towson University just outside Baltimore, Maryland, still uses the same call letters (WMJF -Michigan J. Frog) from when the station was a WB affiliate. To this day, a neon likeness of Michigan J. Frog also adorns the facade of former WB affiliate WBNX-TV's studio complex inCuyahoga Falls, Ohio.

When the WB signed off the air for the final time on September 17, 2006, a white silhouette of the mascot appeared at the end of a montage of stars that appeared on the network during its 11-year history. When the montage ended with "Thank You", Michigan's silhouette is shown removing his top hat and bowing to the viewer.


Another John Kenn Drawing

Another John Kenn post-it note drawing. This guy just rocks. I'd love to see a video of him drawing.

via don kenn gallery by john kenn on 2/6/11

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Little Arrow Clipart Dude...

I love this little guy... need to figure out where I can use him.

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Public Domain Cartoon Watermelon Slice Picture

This cartoon watermelon slice picture below is in the public domain and is free to use license free for anything you want... Enjoy!

cartoon watermelon clip art picture

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Funny James Cromwell Caricature

Cartoon James Cromwell Caricature

I always thought that James Cromwell would be a great caricature subject. Well, Brian Oakes has done a phenomenal job on this. The nose is a caricaturist's dream. Nice job Brian!

via Caricatures by Brian Oakes by Brian Oakes on 2/1/11

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